The Provincial Council of Women of Ontario is composed of Local Councils throughout Ontario, Provincial Organizations and individual members.


London & Area Council of Women
Niagara District Council of Women
Oakville & Area Study Group
Ottawa Council of Women
Toronto & Area Council of Women


Association of Early Childhood Educators- Ontario
Business and Professional Women’s Clubs of Ontario
Elementary Teachers’ Federation of Ontario
Ontario English Catholic Teacher’s Association
Ontario Dental Hygienists Association
Ontario Home Economics Association
Polish Canadian Women’s Federation
The Federated Women’s’ Institute of Ontario
Ukranian Women’s Association of Canada


  • Working together to shape our world through improving our communities, identifying current concerns, addressing issues and raising awareness with government and the public.
  • Providing leadership opportunities and strengthening management skills.
  • Gaining a working knowledge of the parliamentary system used by governments.
  • Benefitting from mentoring from our experienced members.
  • Networking with like-minded women and their organizations to gain new perspectives and understanding.
  • Discussing issues with community leaders within the province.
  • Connecting with women worldwide to gain a global perspective.


The Provincial Council of Women of Ontario invites you to seriously consider becoming an individual or federate member to strengthen the voice of women in this province. Our aim is to work for the betterment of conditions pertaining to family, community and society.

We have two general meetings yearly; a Semi-Annual Meeting in November when we meet with MPPs at Queen’s Park to present our annual brief and an Annual Meeting in April when we vote on resolutions which have been submitted by women’s organizations across Ontario.

The Provincial Council of Women of Ontario was formed in 1923 and is a federate of the National Council of Women of Canada. Over the generations, the Council of Women has advocated for many issues which concern women and families including the mandatory pasteurization of milk, addressing conditions for women in prisons, establishing municipal policy in providing public play grounds for children and a myriad of other successes over the generations.

The Famous Five were all associated with Councils of Women when they managed to get women declared ‘Persons’ so they could sit in the Senate.

Most recently at the provincial level we have advocated for the accreditation of Dental Hygienists, promotion of recycling, inspection of nursing homes and expanding the mandate of the Ontario Ombudsman.

This is a non-partisan organization.

Having a broad spectrum of organizations of women (or women and men) makes the voice of women stronger when we advocate to government because we are speaking on behalf of many women’s groups.

The Council of Women does not advocate for just one issue. We have policy which we bring to government in areas of economics, education, environment, health, housing and land use, seniors issues, social development and status of women. As a member you would be encouraged to submit resolutions to be voted on and if passed, they are sent to the provincial government.

Resolutions which are passed become our policy and throughout the year we write letters to the government on policy which has been established over the years.

To join the Provincial Council or to find out more information email:

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