A Federation of Local Councils of Women  and

Provincial Organizations working together  since 1923

for women, families, society and communities

COVID – 19

We salute  – commend  – support  and  thank

all frontline  workers  and  all  Ontarians

in their fight against this destructive virus.


The aim of the Council of Women is to work for the betterment of conditions pertaining to women, family, community and society.

Members try to accomplish this through interest and action in such areas as economics, education, health, environment, housing, justice, status of women, social development and seniors’ issues.


The Provincial Council of Women of Ontario was formed in 1923 and carries concerns of women in the province to the Ontario Provincial Government.

Members identify emerging issues during the year and prepare resolutions to be voted on by the membership, using Parliamentary Procedures, at the Annual General Meeting.

Resolutions passed by the membership culminate in a Brief which is submitted and discussed with legislators at Queen’s Park each fall.

Throughout the year, the PCWO President writes policy request letters to various Ministers and the Premier, as well as making presentations to government representatives.


PCWO Membership
Meeting (ZOOM)

2023 Date tbd.


2023 Date tbd.


Annual Reports

Membership in the Provincial Council of Women of Ontario is open to individuals, groups of women, or of men and women, who are in agreement with our objectives and policies.


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