Provincial Council of Women of Ontario Bylaws – April 2015


Provincial Councils of Women are organizations federated with the National Council of Women of Canada.

Trillium Newsletter February 2017

1. We received a letter from Glen Murray, Minister of the Environment and Climate Change after the Semi-Annual with apologies for not coming to our meeting because he was at a U.N. Climate Change Conference in Morocco

PCWO Semi-annual Report 2016

The Board had a special teleconference on September 9 to determine how to get more people to attend the Semi-Annual Meeting. We decided to invite students who were in women’s studies courses from Ryerson, University of Toronto and George Brown College to attend. We...

Trillium newsletter May 2016 Volume 18 No. 1.

  PRESIDENT’S REPORT As President of the Provincial Council of Women I was invited to the celebration of the Queen’s 90th birthday sponsored by the Lieutenant Governor of Ontario, the Honorable Elizabeth Doweswell.  I did not attend, but the following e-mail will...